Gearbest Christmas Deals

I wont list all of the Drone/ Quad deals from the Gearbest Christmas Sale instead i will just list some of the ones that i think would make a good present for all budgets and experience levels , there are so many options open now that suit anybody from beginner to advanced that you might as well treat yourself at the same time :)

FuriBee Blue $12.99

FuriBee Orange $12.99 

We've seen many versions of the Micro Drone over the last couple of years but none have had the mass appeal of these tiny ducted fan racers, charge and fly from the box for an incredibly stable whizz around the living room or strip down and modify with hop-up parts including faster motors , full FPV camera and video transmitter or even Flight controllers specifically designed for your more expensive radio.

JJRC T1 95mm Brushed FPV Drone $75.71

Smart 100 100mm FPV Drone$74.31

A step up from the off-the-shelf Drone is one that allows you to change the flight characteristics of the Drone itself, these are generally termed Bind-and-Fly so you must have your own Transmitter that is at least compatible with the Drones receiver. These however open up the world of "tuning" and as well as being excellent and cheap trainers for FPV are a great stepping stone into the world of the fully programmable racing Drone , everybody wants to be  a Drone racer :) , well, practice makes perfect so start small and end BIG


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