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As big as a bottle of water when folded, the Mavic Pro is the most portable, powerful and sophisticated UAV in DJI's portfolio.
It boasts 7km wide video transmission system, the smallest 3-axis stabilization gimbal, the no-compromise 4K UHD camera. It can reach the speed of 18 m/s and even fly up to 27 minutes. Additionally, the redundancy of the sensor provides you with twice safer flight.

Main Features:
Wonderful portability
The drone only weighs 743g and has the same size as a bottle of water when folded.
Unprecedentedly wide transmission range
The brand new Ocusync system enables 1080P / 720P video streaming in the real time within the range of 7km.
Long-lasting thrill
Impressively, the quadcopter moves 18 m/s and its flight can last for 27 minutes at a speed of 25 m/s ( 15.5 mph ) in no wind condition, which you'd never seen in a mini multirotor.
Exceptional reliability
Armed with 4 vision cameras, it can detect obstacles 15m in front and avoid them…
HolyBro Shuriken 250 RTF with Flysky i6S

The Holybro Shuriken 250 is an outstanding RTF ( ready-to-fly ) FPV drone which will involve you in racing! More importantly, the FlySky FS - i6S 2.4GHz 10CH transmitter is going to offer you with unprecedented control with the brilliant touch screen.

Main Features:
Ideal for FPV
It comes with OSD, 700TVL CMOS camera, 5.8GHz 40-channel 25mW / 600mW switchable video transmitter and FlySky FS - A8S receiver. It also has a LED display for choosing the band and channel.
Excellent propulsion system
It generates plenty of power as the Shuriken 250 uses 2205 - 2550KV motors, 30A BLHeli ESCs ( with Oneshot125 and motor braking ) and big 5045 3-blade propellers.
Great durability
The sturdy 250mm frame is composed of an injection molded plastic bumper placed between 3mm high-quality 3K carbon fiber top and fiberglass-reinforced bottom. This keeps your electronics and wiring hidden safely. The impact-resistant motors are fully protected and ther…
SMD Red Arrow 250 FOLDING FPV Quad

Like an arrow from Cupid, this handsome Red Arrow makes you fall in love with FPV racing immediately. It is as affordable as any other racing drone, but much more portable, elegant and intelligent. 

Main Features:
All-in-one Design, Ready to Fly
Shiny, smart, stylish, it is the best ALL-IN-ONE racing drone that EVERYONE CAN FLY. With the integration of frame, flight controller, power system, you just need to unfold the motor arms, secure them, and install the propellers. It just takes you about 2 minutes to prepare the first flight out of the box.

Foldaway Arms, Easy to Carry
 The Red Arrow has a reasonable size with a sleek airframe and foldaway arms, making it possible to be dropped into a backpack and taken to wherever you like.

Stabilization Controller, Optimized Algorithms
With optimized algorithms providing multiple flight modes, it is suitable for the beginner and also for the intermediate and advanced pilot. They can choose the spee…

Holybro Shuriken 180 BNF...Frsky or DSMX

Holybro Shuriken 180 BNF FRSKY
Holybro Shuriken 180 DSMX

The Holybro Shuriken 180 quadcopter is a BNF ( bind and fly ) version that ships out with a DSMS receiver. Just bind your radio, configure the switches in CleanFlight, strap a battery on and go! 
The sturdy 180mm frame includes an injection-molded plastic bumper, sandwiched between carbon fiber top and fiberglass-reinforced bottom. Coupled with impact resistant motors, sturdy antenna, and plastic skid protection, the Shuriken 180 is a good for you to start or get serious about freestyle and racing.

Main Features:
The carbon fiber frame consists of modular components, therefore, it is easy to maintain. Plus, the F3 flight controller is pre-loaded with CleanFlight.
There are junction plastics between the arms and the central body, with which the drone is more space-saving. More importantly, the anti-vibration camera mount can be tilted into different angles, offering you with excellent FPV.
GB 130 FPV racing quad
The racing quadcopter is an X-frame style racing designed and manufactured by professional manufacturer
This frame kit is a set of spare part of quadcopter or DIY copter part, which is made from high-quality carbon fiber. Due to this good material, we're allowed to create a sturdy yet lightweight structure
This frame is very difficult to break and very well balanced for a fun flying experience

Main Features:
- This frame has proven to be extremely durable, affordable and sleek design
- Full carbon fiber frame kit, which is ultralight and with great intensity

Airframe specifications:
Model: GB - 130
Material: 3K carbon fiber
Arm plate thickness: 3mm
The airframe plate thickness: 2mm
Wheelbase: 130mm

Motor specifications:
Framework: 9N12P
KV: 4000KV
Thrust: 70g ( more than the same level motor )
Max. thrust: 315g
Prop adapter shaft thread: M5
Propeller: 3 inch
Nut color: black
Height: 28mm / 1.1 inch
Diameter: 18mm / 0.7 inch
Net weight: 20g

ESC specificati…
LT105 Micro FPV quadcopter
The 105mm quadcopter is based on F3 brushed flight controller, which offers you fascinating manual operation. It is flexible in supporting DSM2 and DSMX transmitter and allowing for refits.

Main Features:
Amazing manual control
The moment you get the control of the drone, you'd be impressed by the excellent performance of its F3 brushed flight controller.
Compact and lightweight
The 105mm premium carbon fiber frame and the application of coreless motors contribute to the agility of the drone. While the integration of 500TVL FPV camera, 32-channel transmitter module, and 5.8G antenna facilitates the installation process for future use.
Great flexibility
The quadcopter is compatible with DSM2 / DSMX remote control. More importantly, the flight controller supports 2S power supply, which provides great refit possibility.

Motor diameter: 8.5mm
Motor height: 20mm
Output shaft diameter: 1.0mm
Output shaft length: 5mm
Weight: 5g
Voltage: 3 - 5…
Floureon QX80 micro FPV
About the same size of your fist, it is an elf which can fly indoors. Therefore, you can pilot the quadcopter at home and enjoy yourself with your family whenever you like. You can also observe what your home looks like from the FPV. What a great exploration might that be!

Main Features:
Efficient and powerful. Based on F3 EVO, it features high-current MOS output.
Premium and lightweight. The frame is made of the most sought-after carbon fiber, which contributes to fascinating takeoff weight (including the battery) of 55g.
Easy assembly thanks to buckles. As soon as you get your copter, you can begin assembling it because you do not need to find a screwdriver. 
Take advantages of your own equipment. A remote control and a receiver are what you need only to get started at once.

This is the PNF version that comes without receiver and remote control.

GB100 FPV Micro Quad

The GB100 series of FPV quadcopters are made to withstand just about any serious crash with its super thick arm. The kit includes the NAZA 32 F3 flight controller, a favorite of many FPV racers.

Main Features:
- Being made of carbon fiber this little racer is perfectly weighted for use in the FPV competitive arena
- 600TVL camera for FPV project, you can record precious photos by yourself
- NAZE32 F3 flight controller that has an high-tech processor making it extremely responsive
- Integrated 5.8GHz 25mW 32CH transmitter with DSM2 6CH receiver
- 720 coreless motor to provide flight power
- Racing quadcopter battery: 1 x 3.7V 600mAh Lipo

- Flying Time: 5 - 8 minutes
- Charging Time: about 30 - 60 minutes
- Camera: 600TVL
- Propeller length: 60mm
- Motor: 720 motor ( 45000rpm )
Gearbest October SALE !!!!

Smart 100

Smart 100 is plug and play version that allows you to take advantages of your own remote control. In this way, you can easily take the mini and sturdy quadcopter and fly it at any time!

Main Features:
Ease of maintenance
The premium carbon fiber frame is sturdy and light. More importantly, its modular components greatly facilitate the replacement.
Real-time FPV
You are able to enjoy the fascinating 600TVL HD aerial view on any FPV monitor in the real-time thanks to the 5.8G fast video transmission frequency. 
Longer flight time
The copter only weighs 55g, making 5 - 7 minutes' flying a matter of course. Additionally, the 25mW transmitter is power-saving and can also contribute to the longer flight time of the drone. 
Clever choice
Smart 100 offers you a flexible way - you can either purchase or make use of your own devices, such as radio transmitter and FPV monitor. Be 100 percent smart in making the decision.

Wheelbase: …

Finally ! a nice V-Tail Quadcopter


The Eachine V-tail 210 is a very cool FPV Racing drone. The unique shape and cool painting make it stand out from the crowd. With a new V-tail body design and carbon fiber material, it has superior ruggedness and anti-drop ability. The Eachine V-tail 210 based on SP RACING F3 EVO -- the new generation hardware platform, which can provide Jaw-Dropping Flight Performance. Internal ARM Cortex-M4 72Mhz CPU with Math co-processor (FPU) for efficient flight calculations that gets more done in less time. It means that the Loop times up to ~2x as fast as previous-generation STM32F1 based boards The Eachine V-tail 210 employed the acclaimed EMAX RS2205 motor with Emax Lighting 20A ESC which running BLHELI latest firmware, so the aircraft has super-fast response and superior power, and bring you a very pleasant FPV flying experience.

ItemsSpecificationsV-tail 210 FP…